Analysers & Sensors

DiveTub is an approved Dealer for Analytical Industries Inc., doing business as Advanced Instruments Inc., has earned a reputation for innovative solutions to gas analysis that encompass the design and manufacture of advanced oxygen sensors, % O2, PPM O2 and PPB O2 analyzers, ppm H2S analyzer, PPM CO analyzer, Heliox, and Trimix analyzers for industrial process control and natural gas, medical O2 sensors and sport diving O2 sensors for most reputable rebreather manufacturers throughout the world.

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To ensure that you receive the freshest sensors, we keep our stock levels small and orders frequent. To ensure that you are not disappointed with our service, please contact us before ordering to check on lead times. The maximum wait experienced by our customers if cells have just been sold out is 2-3 weeks. We are in the process of creating a subscription database to eliminate any possible wait/lead times. Please contact us if you wish to join our subscription database.

Analysers & Sensors
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