CUSTOM DIVERS S40 WING SYSTEM (Wing, Harness & Backplate)


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The S40 wing system has been designed to give total flexibility to divers wishing to adapt their kit configuration for different diving set ups. 

Primarily designed for twin rear mount diving, the S40 wing is equally suitable for other configurations such as single rear mounted cylinders by simply adding one of our single cylinder adaptors CDSTA (optional).  The S40 will meet most demands including a perfect fit for most rebreather units and will grow with your diving needs.  The S40 is a single bladder system housed in a durable but flexible 1000 Cordura fabric envelope with a 40lbs lift capability.  This wing has four hose routing slots to allow hoses/gauges to be run on the inside of the wing, it also has many hose retaining tabs stitched to the envelope for stowing away hoses/accessories.

With a choice of a stainless steel or aluminium back plate, the total system including harness weighs 4.6kgs or 3.00kgs respectively.

The S40 wing system is fitted with a three-part harness which is fully adjustable to fit all sizes.  The harness is non-breaking but easily re-sized by adjusting through the stainless steel welded 45deg D ring on each side. The harness is also dressed with shoulder pads for comfort and all accessories are easy to move to meet individual diving needs. All systems are delivered fully assembled and complete with four 45deg D-rings, crotch/scooter D-ring, which are again all fully adjustable.

Optional accessories suitable for use with the S40 include single cylinder mounting brackets, tank bands comfort  back pads, pockets, weight pockets etc..


  • Stainless steel or Aluminium back plate.
  • System (with s/steel back plate)weighs 4.6kgs.
  • 40lbs buoyancy capability.
  • Single Bladder system.
  • Hose routing slots.
  • Non-breaking three part fully adjustable harness system.
  • Crotch strap and scooter D-ring.
  • Low profile wing system.
  • Adjustable s/steel 45 deg D-rings for accessory stowage. 
  • Complete systems are supplied dressed with back plate, harness shoulder pads, two adjustable s/steel 45 deg D-rings  crotch strap and scooter D-ring and two adjustable 45deg welded d-rings.