There is a world some see only in pictures, the underwater world filled with the wonder and mystery of the unknown. The reefs, the colors, the fish, and the pure enjoyment of discovery are only some of the reasons we scuba dive. Scuba divers have a quest for adventure; whether professional or for recreational purposes, and what better way to fulfill this quest than to do something people all over the world are doing, Scuba diving.

Take home a memory 

Photography is another reason Scuba diving has become so popular. Combined with the proper tools, photos taken underwater are an achievement that could never be mastered without visiting the spectacular underwater world. For the explorer in all of us there is that drive that lures us to underwater caves and feeling the freedom and sensation that comes with diving.

Scuba diving, which stands for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus, allows us, the graceful underwater swimmer, the opportunity to see how large and powerful the world below us actually is and with today's equipment and proper education, almost anyone can dive. People all over the world have taken to the waters below. 

Whether you're diving for recreation, or professionally, once you have made the decision to Scuba dive, you will find there is nothing as enjoyable as feeling the stir of the water while surrounded by eye-catching fish. There is nothing quite as thrilling as looking a fish square in the eye. And since two thirds of the earth is covered with water, you can explore your options. 

Even people with disabilities are finding underwater adventures accessible to them. According to some it can even help people with Fibromyalgia and other conditions if approached properly and given the training that is modified for people with physical disabilities. 

Underwater diving is not new. Remember as a kid staying under water until you could no longer hold your breath? Or snorkeling while on vacation, hoping to see a coral reef or a brightly colored fish? Granted, this was not Scuba diving because it didn't allow you to stay down for long periods at a time. But it was your first step toward the adventure. For years Scuba diving was considered a sport for those who could afford it, or for professionals. Today, however, it is a sport we can all enjoy.