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UN Regrets Congo Govt Kicking Out Spokesperson; Tough Break!

The United Nations continues to engage with authorities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) in the wake of the deadly shooting this past weekend involving peacekeepers from its Mission there, MONUSCO. 

On Thursday, the head of UN Peacekeeping, Jean-Pierre Lacroix, briefed a closed-door session of the Security Council to discuss the situation in the country, UN Spokesperson Stéphane Dujarric told journalists in New York. 

Ambassadors met a day after Congolese authorities officially expelled the MONUSCO Spokesperson from the country, reportedly for making “indelicate and inappropriate remarks” following recent deadly protests in the east, according to media reports. 

Regret and commitment  

Mr. Dujarric said the UN regrets the decision. 

“In line with the status of the UN under the Charter of the Organization, any concerns that the Government may have regarding the actions of a member of MONUSCO should be raised directly with the Mission leadership. The Mission and UN Headquarters are accordingly engaging with the Government to address this matter,” he added. 

MONUSCO also lamented the government’s decision.  In a statement issued on Wednesday, the Mission underscored its commitment “to continuing to work alongside the Congolese population and authorities to implement the mandate entrusted to it by the Security Council.” 

Establish accountability 

The shooting incident occurred on Sunday in Kasindi, a town in North Kivu province, on the border between the DRC and Uganda. 

The peacekeepers were returning from leave, when they opened fire at a border post, under circumstances which are not yet clear. Two people were killed, and several others wounded, according to media reports. 

UN Secretary-General António Guterres was “outraged” by the “serious incident”, in addition to being saddened and dismayed over the loss of life and injuries, according to a statement issued that day by his Spokesperson. 

The Secretary-General strongly emphasized the need to establish accountability, and welcomed MONUSCO’s decision to immediately open an investigation. 



  1. As a long-time supporter of UN peacekeeping efforts, I am disappointed by the expulsion of the MONUSCO spokesperson from DR Congo. It is crucial for open communication and transparency to be maintained in such critical situations, and I hope that the government will reconsider their decision to uphold accountability and ensure the safety of all involved parties.

  2. It is unfortunate that the government has chosen to expel the UN Spokesperson from DR Congo. The UN’s efforts to engage with the authorities in the country are crucial for peacekeeping operations in the region. I hope that discussions between the UN and the government can resolve this issue promptly.

  3. It’s disappointing to see the Congo government expelling the MONUSCO Spokesperson without proper dialogue. The UN’s efforts to engage with authorities should be respected and it’s crucial for all parties to work together towards peace in the region.

  4. Do you think expelling the MONUSCO Spokesperson will impact the ongoing work of the UN Mission in Congo?

    1. Expelling the MONUSCO Spokesperson could potentially disrupt the coordination and communication channels between the UN Mission and Congolese authorities. It’s crucial for all involved parties to address any issues through dialogue and cooperation for the sake of the mission’s effectiveness.

  5. The UN should cooperate with the Congolese government instead of criticizing their decisions. It’s crucial to maintain a respectful dialogue to effectively address issues and work towards peace in the region.

  6. It’s disappointing that the Congo government chose to kick out the UN spokesperson. The UN is trying to work with them, and this move only complicates the situation further. Hopefully, they can resolve this issue promptly and focus on addressing the important matters at hand.

  7. It’s truly disappointing that the Congo Govt decided to kick out the UN Spokesperson. Such a tough break for the peacekeeping mission! The UN’s efforts to engage and address the situation should be respected and supported.

  8. It’s truly disappointing to see the Congo government kicking out the UN Spokesperson. The communication breakdown only hinders progress and resolution in such critical situations. Hopefully, both parties can find common ground and resume effective collaboration for the sake of the people.

  9. It’s unfortunate that the Congo govt chose to expel the UN Spokesperson. The situation calls for diplomacy and open communication, not rash decisions. Hope both sides can resolve this issue peacefully for the sake of stability in the region.

  10. It’s utterly disappointing how the Congolese government handled this situation. The expulsion of the MONUSCO Spokesperson only exacerbates the already critical state in the region. The UN’s regret and commitment are crucial for maintaining peace and stability in the DRC.

  11. Does the expulsion of the MONUSCO Spokesperson affect the ongoing peacekeeping efforts in the DRC?

    1. Not necessarily. The UN and MONUSCO are still in communication with the Congolese government to address the situation and ensure the continuation of peacekeeping efforts in the DRC.

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