EDGE TiExtreme YOKE 1st Stage Kit (Rubber)


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EDGE TiExtreme YOKE 1st Stage Kit (Rubber)

Please Note: Edge-Hog Dive Gear policy restricts the sale of service parts kits and service parts requiring installation to Authorised Dealers, Authorised Repair Centers, Authorised Technicians affiliated with Dealers and Repair Centers, and those individuals who have successfully completed the TDI Hog Repair Course. Parties meeting the above listed criteria who wish to purchase service related items can do so through this website. Alternatively if owners of HOG-EDGE diving gear would like to do the TDI Hog Repair Course, please contact us at contact@divetub.com.au, we have an in house TDI Instructor that can run you through the course. You can also go to our Training Page under Shop and book your position on the course from there. 

Edge-Hog Dive Gear does not restrict the sale of service parts kits by Edge-Hog Dive Gear dealers wishing to do so.  Please be advised installation of service parts or service performed by any party not meeting the previously stated criteria above may result in the partial or complete voiding of the manufacturers original warranty.