% Oxygen/Helium TriMix Analyser


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Application: Measure Helium / Oxygen with the balance Nitrogen Accuracy He, O2: < +2% of FS range under constant conditions
Analysis Range: 0-100% Helium, 0-100% Oxygen Calibration: Dual mode: Ambient air or span gas
Compensation: Temperature, barometric pressure and relative humidity Display:

Graphical backlit LCD 2.5 x 2.5”; displays %O2, %He, %Balance, barometric pressure, Temp, %RH, MOD – Maximum Operating Depth @ PO2 1.4 ATA, Low battery warning 

Controls: Water resistant keypad with simple to use one touch keys for Power ON/OFF; ON/OFF; Cal O2, Zero He Connections:: 1/8″ push-on fitting
Enclosure: Watertight IP65, 221 x 190.5 x 96.5 mm (8.7 x 7.5 x 3.8”) Pressure/Flow: Very low ( heard to be hissing out of tank outlet)
Power: Rechargeable battery with 15 minute auto OFF 9 VDC power adapter from 110/220 VAC Resolution: 0.1% Helium, 0.1% Oxygen, 0.1% Balance Gas
Response Time: 90% of final FS reading < 10 seconds Sample System:  Flow manifold shown, 1/8” tubing, A-3609 adapter
Sensor Model: He: AII-41-100, O2: AII-11-75D, Environmental: AII-E3 Sensor Life: He: 10 yrs; O2: 60 mos in air at sea level and 25ºC (77⁰F)
Temp. Range: Operating: 0 – 45ºC (32-113⁰F), Storage: 0 – 50⁰C (122⁰F) Warranty: Analyzer 12 mos; Sensors: He 12 mos, Environmental 12 mos, O2 36 mos prorated