Probe Unisex 2mm iDry Dive Gloves


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Probe Unisex 2mm iDry Dive Gloves

The Probe iDry Gloves are fully lined with Probe's revolutionary "Quick Dry" fleece lining making them the worlds fastest drying dive glove. They literally dry in minutes which makes them ideal for repetive cold water diving. In addition, the Probe iDRY gloves are also the easiest gloves on the market to put on, thanks to the use of 100% super stretch neoprene, which ensures they are also extremely flexible and provide excellent finger dexterity so you can still do the little things you need to do.

These Probe iDry Quick Dry Gloves also include vulcanised rubber sealed seams for extra durability and water proofness makeing them ideal when you want to stay toasty warm. In addition, and just like all of Probe iDry products; theses gloves dry in just minutes, so that you'll never have to put on a cold, sticky, wet pair of dive gloves ever again!

  • Thickness: 2 mm
  • "Quick-Dry Technology" Fleece inner lining throughout the entire inside of the gloves
  • iDry technology allows these gloves to dry in minutes which is great for repetivie dives in cold water
  • 100% 2mm Ultra-Stretch dive compression neoprene
  • iFit - 3D Pattern technology for maximum comfort in fit 
  • GBS Fully sealed seams eliminate cold water access through the seams 
  • Welded Seam Technology (WST) ensures "No Outside seam thread breakages or fraying"
  • WST is a hi-tech polymer that is applied over all outside seams for protection and also increases seam strength and provides an extra seal for zero water penetration
  • WST will keep your gloves in tip-top condition and ready for your daily demands
  • Extremely comfortable and warm design makes these gloves the most comfortable gloves you will ever try on
  • You'll never have to put on a sloppy, wet, cold dive glove ever again
  • Available in 5 sizes: XS / SML / MD / LG / XL


XS 50-56mm
SML 65-80mm
MD 80-95mm
LG 95-105mm
XL 105mm plus

Measure across your palm at the base of your fingers.

iDry is proudly distributed in Australia by Probe Wetsuits. Probe wetsuits offer the following warranty:

  • 12 month warranty on materials and workmanship.
  • 12 month warranty on all seams.