Lungfish Dive Systems are a CCR manufacturer that bring you a compact rebreather that is lighter and far less awkward than most traditional scuba gear and can be easily configured in a variety of ways to meet any dive and travel needs.



The Lungfish ORCA v6 offers more performance easier use than other rebreathers and is less bulky and awkward than traditional SCUBA gear. It allows extended duration dives with excellent freedom of movement underwater, and can be easily configured to meet any dive and travel needs.


60cm X 45cm X 20cm.

Central unit 32cm X 30cm X 20cm



BARE WEIGHT: (without cylinders or CO2 absorbent) ~ 11 KG

TRANSPORT WEIGHT: (without cylinders, CO2 absorbent or electronics) ~ 10 KG

DIVING WEIGHT: (with Absorbent & Standard Cylinders) ~ 18 Kg

BUOYANCY: Unit alone ~ 2Kg negative. Standard Buoyancy Compensator 16 Kg lift.



 Lungfish offer our own 2l 200 bar steel cylinders with valves if required

Offboard gas connections as standard

Larger cylinders can be fixed to sides or hung as side mounts.


 2.2Kgs Sofnolime 797 or Divelime 812. Duration 3 hours+



 Standard 3 O2 sensors, 1 CO2 sensor.

Optional 4th independent O2 sensor. 

Depth sensor 0-130msw.



 Electronic and manual PPO2 control system as standard.



 Multiple Isolated outputs to additional displays and computers.

Standard or wide-screen display

Multiple cylinder and gas supply configuration options.

Extreme conditions kit.

Many more ..... 

Pricing starting from $11645, Please contact us for a personalised quote.





KISS Spirit


The KISS Spirit rebreather is a lightweight fully-closed back-mount unit, for divers of all levels. It is lightweight, and perfectly suited for traveling divers in temperate to moderate climates, for dives up to 90 meters deep.


The KISS Spirit uses your lean (or left side) bailout bottle as your diluent bottle, saving weight on your back and simplifying the configuration. The dual scrubber design provides a redundant, and space efficient method for CO2 gas scrubbing. 

Available in a wide range of configurations, the Spirit may be built to suit your needs. 

Pricing starting from $7286, Please contact us for a personalised quote.


KISS Sidewinder

The KISS Sidewinder has taken the sidemount diving community by storm. This innovative design splits the canisters up to either side of the diver's abdomen. The counterlung design allows for a gas pathway between the canisters, while allowing and easy hydrostatic work of breathing not found in any other sidemount rebreather design. 

The Sidewinder, is available in a number of configurations, and may be custom-built to suit your exact needs. 

Pricing starting from $7155, Please contact us for a personalised quote.screenshot-2022-07-08-at-3.15.09-pm.png

KISS Classic

The KISS Classic is the original design that put KISS Rebreathers on the map 25 years ago. This tried and tested concept has undergone minor improvement upgrades over the last 2 decades, but remains largely the same as first designed by Gordon Smith, founder of KISS Rebreathers. 

The KISS Classic offers better work-of-breathing characteristics, and is better sited for 100m trimix diving. It is benchmark rebreather for hardcore cave explorers around the world. 


Pricing starting from $8355, Please contact us for a personalised quote.