SeaYa 30W LED Narrow Primary Canister Light with Fixed Focus (6°)

SeaYa Underwater Lighting
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LED 30W NARROW Primary light
Perfectly focused, high power light source, ideal for communication, especially in low visibility conditions.
Light source: 3x CREE® XP-L HI
Power: max. 30 W
Luminance: max. 3600 lm
Colour temperature: 5700 °K
Light distribution angle:
Modes: 100%-50% /-OFF*
Max. operating depth: 150 m
E/O cord length: 65 cm or according to customer reqiurements
Head dimensions (length x diameter): 83 mm x 64/55 mm
Colour: black, red, blue, green, fuchsia
Made of: anodized aluminum
Type of handle: Goodman or Mini-G
Battery pack capacity   13.8 Ah 24.15 Ah 41.4 Ah
Charging time   8 h** 5 h 8.5 h
Weight on the surface   2.0 kg 2.6 kg 3.6 kg
Weight in water   0.8 kg 1.1 kg 1.5 kg

additional OFF mode in the light head - Add product code SY-OFF to your order when checking out.

underwater pluggable E/O cord (1 set) - Add product code SY-EO to your order when checking out - additional cost applies.

sidemount version of the lid with one output for 13.8Ah and 24.15 Ah battery pack canisters only - Add product code SY-SM to your order when checking out - additional cost applies.

engraved nickname on the battery pack canister, max length 85mm x height 20mm - Add product code SY-NICKNAME to your order when checking out and please specify the name wanted - additional cost applies.

blue colour of 13.8Ah and 24.15Ah battery pack canisters - *raspberry available upon request - Add product code SY-BLUE/RASPBERRY to your order when checking out - no additional cost for this. 

red or black color of the light head, * blue, green and fuchsia on request - Add product code SY-RED/BLACK/BLUE*/GREEN*/FUCHSIA* to your order when checking out - no additional cost applies for this.

charging time for LCD charger
Automatic charger for Li-Ion battery packs with compartment included.

LED 30W NARROW working time diagram

Electronics used in the SeaYa LED 30W NARROW light head stabilizes the output power for a certain period of time at 100%. After this time, there is a linear decrease in light intensity, what gives the user the time to safely end diving. This scheme of work provides the maximum use of the battery pack while ensuring its safe operation.