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DiveTub Services & Pricing

Attention!! Please share! It has come to the attention of DiveTub, that owners of Edge & HOG diving equipment are unknowingly having their equipment serviced by unofficial service centres. This will void any warrantee on your equipment. Scuba Imports is the official importer and representatives of Edge & HOG Diving equipment for Australia and New Zealand. Dive Tub / Arc Subsea is the only official service centre in Perth WA. Please contact us to find out where your nearest official service centre is. Alternatively, if you wish to become an official service centre or wish to complete a TDI EDGE-HOG EQUIPMENT SERVICE CLINIC for individuals only, please contact Dive Tub.

Contact us to book your gear in for a service: click this link.

Dive Equipment Servicing and Repair Pricing

Description   Price 
Cylinder hydrostatic testing (annual) Inc. Air Fill  $32.00
O2 clean for cylinder 

 $50.00 First clean $45 for yearly follow on cleans on same cylinder

Valve service  $15.00 + Parts

Regulator service Full set including

Alternate Air (octopus/Air 2) and SPG

 $45.00 + Parts
Regulator service (1st stage only / 2nd Stage only)  $15.00 + Parts
BCD Service  $22.00 + Parts
BCD service (Inc. integrated alternate air)  $45.00 + Parts
SPG  $10.00 + Parts
O2 Clean for reg set  $40.00 + Servicing charge
Dry Suit  Seals Neck  $75.00 includes parts
Dry suit seals cuffs  $100.00 includes parts
Dry suit seals full replacement  $150.00 includes parts
Hourly labour for repairs or inspections $45

 Unless required by warranty or Australian Standards all servicing repairs and testing are carried out in house, by our very experienced technician. Our technician has a vast experience of military, commercial, technical and recreational diving systems and equipment.

O2 Cleaning


All our O2 cleaning is carried out using Biox O2 immersion fluid.

Following the strict requirements set out in the manufacturers procedures for O2 cleaning of diving equipment and systems.

 Compressor Servicing 

We can also offer compressor servicing, air quality testing and repairs, as well as design and installation of bespoke gas supply and monitoring systems.

Please contact us with your requirements.


 Need Wetsuit Repairs or a New Custom Wetsuit?


Come speak to Katherine Van Kampen the owner of Arjetta, now located in the same facility. Arjetta wetsuits are built for the toughest of diving conditions. She also makes wetsuits to suit surfers and free diver’s requirements.

Equipment Servicing Courses

Interested in servicing your own equipment, we can offer a number of equipment courses. Please follow the link for more information on the courses on offer through SDI & TDI Training

Already qualified?

We offer our service room to the public at the following rates, which includes cleaning fluid, O2 compatible grease and all the coffee you can drink.

Servicing Room Hire  Price  
Servicing Room Hire for servicing WITHOUT purchasing a service kit from DiveTub  $40.00
Servicing Room Hire for servicing with purchasing a service kit from DiveTub  $30.00

Equipment Hire

We Have an extensive range of the latest diving equipment for hire at amazing rates, please contact us to book your equipment needs.

Description   Hire rate per  day   Hire rate Weekend (3days)   Hire rate per week (7Days) 
BCD (Single tank wing)  $20.00  $30.00  $50.00
Cylinder  $15.00  $25.00  $30.00
Wet suit  $20.00  $30.00  $50.00
Wight belt  $15.00  $25.00  $40.00
Fins and boots  $15.00  $25.00  $40.00
Mask and snorkel  $15.00  $25.00  $40.00
Regulators  $20.00  $30.00  $50.00
Full Kit all the above  $50.00  $80.00  $145.00
Scuba Unit (Reg, BCD & Cylinder)  $40.00  $60.00  $100.00
Dive Light  $15.00  $25.00  $40.00
Dive Computer  $15.00  $25.00  $40.00
Cray Loop  $5.00  $7.50  $10.00

Catch Bag

 $5.00  $7.50  $10.00
Air Fills
Description   Price  
3lt - 7lt   $2.50
10 - 18lt (7lt Twinset)   $5.00
20lt - 36lt (10Lt + Twinset)   $7.50
Fill Cards
10 - 18lt x6 fill card   $25.00
10 - 18lt x15 fill card   $60.00


We also offer Nitrox and 100% Oxygen fills. 

Our Nitrox mixes up to 40% do not require you to O2 clean your cylinders.

Greater than 40% requires O2 Cleaning.

Cylinders sizes and mixes outside of that on the price list are calculated using size of cylinder, O2% and fill pressure. 

Nitrox 12Lt Cylinder fills
Prcent Price
36% - 40% $14
33% - 35% $12
26% - 32% $10
21% - 25% $8.50