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Shark Eyes begun a few years back, when the founder Shanan Worrall and his dive buddy Joe Knight were trying to keep themselves safe in the water, as they went about their days work shell diving.

The thought was, “we are utilising all these deterrents but we are still at risk, what else can we do to protect ourselves and our space from an inquisitive shark?”

They knew the naked eye worked at changing a sharks behaviour, (line of sight) they had both stared down sharks before and watched them retreat. But what if the shark saw them before they saw the shark? What if the shark came from behind or the bottom, as they most likely would in an attack?

The theory of mimicry came to mind, they had seen fish use mimicry (large false eyes on their backs) to protect themselves from predators, as well as other various land animals.

And so, Shark Eyes was born in the garage that day as they decided to mimic what nature was doing and painted large silicone eyes on to the back of their wetsuits and water crafts.

They both still use Shark Eyes personally, along with other personal deterrents to this day.

What led to commercialisation of Shark Eyes was Shanan's realisation that this non-invasive, accessible and inexpensive visual shark deterrent could very well save not only his life and the lives of his colleagues and mates, but minimise the risk of attack for so many water users without harming sharks - it is for everyone who enjoys the ocean regardless of ones political views.

Since that day, there has been an increase in shark sightings, encounters, attacks and fatalities across Australia.


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