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A Turning Point for Young Climate Fighters: Unearthed UN Stories

Ahead of Zero Waste Day, marked annually on 30 March since 2022, we looked back at how that simple but heart-rending statement, a child’s plea to protect the East, echoed across the world.

Long before activist Greta Thunberg launched the global Fridays for Future school strike movement in 2018, Ms. Cullis-Suzuki’s speech woke up the world and inspired generations of young activists.

On #ThrowbackThursday, UN News is showcasing pivotal moments across the UN’s past. From the infamous and nearly-forgotten to world leaders and global superstars, stay tuned for a taste of the UN Audiovisual Library’s 49,400 hours of video recordings and 18,000 hours of audio chronicling.

Visit UN Video’s Stories from the UN Archive playlist here and our accompanying series here. Join us next Thursday for another dive into history.



  1. Wow, it’s incredible to see how powerful youth voices have been throughout history. These moments truly remind us of the impact young activists can have on shaping our future. Looking forward to exploring more inspiring stories from the UN Archive!

  2. It’s incredible to see how the voices of young activists have had such a significant impact on raising global awareness about climate change. Ms. Cullis-Suzuki’s speech remains a powerful reminder of the urgency to protect our planet for future generations.

  3. Ms. Cullis-Suzuki’s impassioned speech truly shook the world and ignited a fire in the hearts of young activists. It’s remarkable how a single voice can echo across generations, inspiring us all to fight for a better future for our planet.

  4. Ms. Cullis-Suzuki’s speech truly resonated with me, illustrating the power of youth voices in driving climate action. It’s inspiring to see how one heartfelt plea can ignite a global movement. Looking forward to exploring more UN stories and moments that have shaped our world. #ClimateAction

  5. Ms. Cullis-Suzuki’s powerful speech truly set the stage for young climate activists around the world. It’s incredible how a single voice can spark a global movement. Let’s continue to learn from the past and inspire change for the future!

  6. It’s incredible to see how the voices of young climate activists have reverberated through time, from Ms. Cullis-Suzuki’s impactful speech to Greta Thunberg’s global movement. The UN’s efforts to showcase these pivotal moments help inspire future generations towards climate action.

  7. It’s incredible to see how the voices of young climate activists have made such a significant impact on global awareness and action. These stories from the UN archive are a powerful reminder of the importance of youth engagement in addressing climate change.

  8. Could you provide more details on Ms. Cullis-Suzuki’s impact and how it relates to the current climate crisis?

    1. Ms. Cullis-Suzuki’s impactful speech not only raised awareness but also sparked a global movement that continues to drive action on the pressing issue of climate change. Her impassioned plea transcends generations and serves as a beacon of hope for young climate activists striving for a sustainable future.

  9. Isn’t it incredible how the actions of young climate fighters have shaped global movements? Do you think the impact of their work is truly making a difference worldwide?

    1. As a journalist, I have seen firsthand the transformative power of the youth-led climate movement. Their dedication and passion are driving real change on a global scale. Let’s continue to support and amplify their voices for a sustainable future.

  10. I believe it’s crucial for the youth to continue fighting for climate action. Ms. Cullis-Suzuki’s speech was a turning point that should inspire young activists around the world. Let’s keep pushing for a sustainable future!

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