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The Most Outrageous UN Moments You Won’t Believe!

This #ThrowbackThursday, we’re featuring UN Video’s visual collage of some of the most memorable moments in UN history through its Stories from the UN Archive series.

Giving viewers a front-row seat, the series captures what it was like to see and hear the iconic moments that shaped our common destiny.

Drawn from a wealth of almost 50,000 hours of historical footage and audio preserved by the UN Audiovisual Library, this series highlights moments throughout the first century of UN operations, from the infamous to the nearly-forgotten, from world leaders to global superstars.

Watch UN Video’s episode on history’s biggest moments here.

Catch up on Stories from the UN Archive in our series here and UN Video’s playlist here, from the birth of the UN and the first ever case at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to icon Steve Wonder challenging assumptions about braille and Shakira speaking out for children. History buffs can also peruse UN Radio Classics here and our Podcast Classics series here.

Stay tuned next Thursday for another dive into the past.

UN Photo/Cia Pak

Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg addresses the Climate Action Summit in 2019 at UN Headquarters in New York. (file)



  1. As a history enthusiast, I absolutely love the Stories from the UN Archive series. It’s fascinating to witness the iconic moments that have shaped our global history. I appreciate the efforts put into preserving and sharing these historical footages and audio clips. Looking forward to watching more episodes and learning about our shared past!

  2. Watching UN Video’s episode on history’s biggest moments brought tears to my eyes. It’s amazing to see how world leaders and global superstars have shaped our common destiny throughout the first century of UN operations. Can’t wait for the next episode!

  3. I think it’s amazing how the UN Archive series brings to light these incredible moments that have had such a significant impact on shaping our world. Can’t wait to watch the next episode!

  4. Have there been any controversial moments captured in the UN’s history that may have been overlooked by this series?

    1. Yes, there have been several controversial moments in UN history that are not featured in this series. From heated debates to scandalous revelations, the UN has seen its fair share of drama over the years. It’s worth exploring beyond the highlights to truly grasp the complexities of its past.

  5. Did the UN Video series cover any controversial moments or only positive ones?

    1. Yes, the UN Video series delves into both controversial and positive moments, providing a comprehensive view of the UN’s history.

  6. It’s amazing to see how the UN has been the stage for so many pivotal moments throughout history. Greta Thunberg’s powerful speech at the Climate Action Summit is just one example of the impactful events that have taken place within its walls.

  7. It’s fascinating to watch these pivotal moments from UN history unfold before our eyes. The UN’s impact, from global leaders to cultural icons, truly shapes our world’s narrative. Looking forward to more insightful episodes!

  8. UN Video’s visual collage series truly showcases the impactful moments that have defined our global history. It’s incredible to witness the convergence of world leaders and cultural icons, reminding us of the significant events that have shaped our collective future.

  9. As a climate activist, I admire the UN’s efforts to bring attention to crucial global issues through their historical archive. It’s essential to learn from the past to shape a better future for our planet. Kudos to UN Video for sharing these impactful moments!

  10. Would you happen to know if the UN Archive series covers more recent moments such as Greta Thunberg’s address at the Climate Action Summit in 2019?

    1. Yes, the UN Archive series does cover more recent moments like Greta Thunberg’s powerful address at the Climate Action Summit in 2019. It’s incredible to witness how these impactful speeches shape our global narrative.

  11. Have these moments truly shaped our common destiny? How accurately can historical footage capture the essence of these iconic events?

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