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From its humble beginning in 1994 to today, the group of training agencies Scuba Diving International (SDI),Technical Diving International (TDI), and Emergency Response Diving International (ERDI) form one of the largest diving certification agencies in the World – International Training.

With 26 Regional Offices servicing more than 100 countries, the company today far exceeds the original vision the founders had when they conceived the idea on a napkin, sitting at a kitchen table in the early 1990’s.





In 1998 the membership of TDI could no longer be held back from the demand to create a sport diving division of TDI and thus 

was born Scuba Diving International (SDI). The primary reason for this expansion was that dive instructors valued dealing with an agency that listened to the instructors in the field and created programs that were, and

continue to be, very profitable because they are tailored to the way today’s diver wants to learn to dive.

One Stop Education Solution
Scuba Diving International (SDI) has its roots deep in advanced diving. It was created by professional educators, who know what it takes to educate qualified divers at all levels. Technical Diving International (TDI) is the largest technical training agency in the world. It was the launch pad for SDI, and Emergency Response Diving International (ERDI), which is the first global training agency for publ

ic safety divers. You will never outgrow the training opportunities offered by Scuba Diving International and its family of agencies.

Your Complete Sport Diving Solution
Training with SDI gives you many options for personal development. Following your first scuba course, there are literally dozens of continuing education opportunities for you to follow. These courses prepare you to dive with confidence and have fun in your local waters or oceans worldwide. In addition, SDI offers an easy-to-follow educational system for personal development, and a proven pathway to dive leadership should you desire a career as a dive professional. Divemaster, Assistant Instructor and Open Water Instructors are among the professional level courses offered and available online.

Global Recognition
Scuba Diving International certifications are recognized worldwide. We have more than 24 international offices and thousands of SDI facilities and instructors around the world. We are members of the World Recreational Scuba Training Council (WRSTC) through its regional RSTCs in Europe, Canada and the US. SDI programs are approved by the European Underwater Federation (EUF) and the International Organization Standardization (ISO). The certifications you earn with SDI will be accepted by dive centers, charter operators, and dive destinations anywhere your adventure may take you!

Innovative Education
From day one of your Scuba Diving International experience you will notice that you are plugged into the most innovative educational system in the diving industry… worldwide!
Scuba Diving International was:

  • First to make online open water training mainstream.
  • First to present online specialties such as wreck, computer nitrox, deep and navigation.
  • First and only insured sport-level Solo Diver™ program.
  • First to release kids’ diving programs.
  • First to allow you to teach “as they dive,” permitting students to learn to dive utilizing a Personal Dive Computer (PDC).

Quality Instruction 
Experienced divers know that the quality of their instructor makes a real difference to the quality of their training. Scuba Diving International’s instructors are among the leaders in the sport diving industry. Many also teach technical programs through TDI. With SDI, you are assured that your well-being and education is in the hands of a dedicated professional who has worked through a rigorous training system to earn the respected status of SDI Instructor.

VIP Service… By Design
Scuba Diving International’s training centers have built their reputations by putting extra effort into customer service. When you have a question about diving or dive travel, they are there to help. After all, customer service is a big part of how a facility earns our 5-STAR rating, which has become synonymous with “excellence”. When you become an SDI diver, you join our team of members and we’re always ready to help.

e-Friendly Organization 
International Training has a fast, efficient and ever growing online Member’s area on its website. It features an online store, links to our Associate Member’s newsletter, links to information about dive sites, dive news and dive stores, and it’s available when you are, 24/7/365! Scuba Diving International is an e-friendly organization. We are the world leader in convenient online diver training for open water and specialties. The SDI lifestyle gear is also available directly from our online store, and will have you looking like a confident diver in no time. There is also a diver feedback section that you can use to speak directly to headquarters staff at anytime.

Communicating With You
Scuba Diving International uses new technologies and social media to connect with todays tech-savvy divers. As an member of SDI you will receive our Electronic Members Newsletter, and you can interact with headquarters staff instructors on various internet dive forums.

Flexible Programs
With Scuba Diving International, you are part of an organization that is making diving more accessible. For example, our Scubility™ program opens up the adventure of diving to just about everyone living with a disability.

Jump In!
Scuba Diving International is the fastest growing training agency in the world because people like you demand the best in underwater education. Join the leader in innovation, fun and progressive training. Join Scuba Diving International today.

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Technical Diving International was one of the first agencies of its kind. It’s focus was and still is on providing training materials and education for specialized diving situations ranging

from Nitrox to Closed Circuit Rebreathers, as well as for overhead environments such as caves and wrecks.

What is Technical Diving
Technical Diving International (TDI) distinguishes a sport dive from a technical dive as any dive involving decompression, additional cylinders, alternative breathing gases, rebreathers, or overhead environments such as wrecks, caves or mines. This definition does not define a strong line between the semantical differences of “recreational” and “technical” as both styles of diving are recreational (for fun) and require similar equipment.

Your Technical Training Solution
The Technical Diving International (TDI) diver training program is straight forward, proven effective and offers divers a comprehensive path from Intro to Tech™ to Advanced Trimix. Formed in 1994, TDI has built a reputation for a complete curriculum that includes cavern to full cave, decompression diving, trimix, and wreck penetration training. We also offer four levels of diver certifications on closed-circuit rebreathers to a depth of 100 metres or 330 feet. Round these offerings off with programs for gas blending and preparing equipment for oxygen service and the program selection is complete. Simply put, TDI is a one-stop technical training solution that you will not out-grow.

Applications to Suit All Conditions and Environments
Technical Diving International believes that local conditions demand local knowledge. While our programs are structured to deliver a solid understanding of technical diving and develop skills that are universally applicable, our instructors are encouraged to go beyond the minimum allowable to produce courses that account for, and that are tailored to, location specific environments. For example, diving in the North Atlantic may require a different approach than drift diving in the warm waters of Indonesia. Our training makes sure you are qualified as well as certified. Should you desire a career as a dive professional, TDI & Scuba Diving International (SDI) offer: Divemaster (DM), Assistant Instructor (AI), Instructor, IT Staff Instructor and Instructor Trainer (IT) at the professional level.

Largest Technical Diving Agency in the World
Technical Diving International is the largest technical diving agency in the world. Its courses and certifications are recognized everywhere as the gold standard by which others are measured. International Training has more than 24 regional offices worldwide and through its sport diving sister agency, Scuba Diving International, it is associated with many leading industry groups such as the Recreational Scuba Training Council (RSTC) USA, Canada and Europe; the European Underwater Federation (EUF); and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Your card, and most of all your training, will be recognized and respected the world over!

TDI’s Innovation
By training with Technical Diving International, you are plugged into the most innovative educational system in the diving industry. Above all else, this means your training will include what’s happening in the technical diving community NOW. Technical Diving International was:

  • First to present nitrox training in a simple format that required no dives to complete.
  • First to present an advanced wreck program teaching overhead diving techniques outside the cave diving format.
  • First to make trimix training accessible to recreational divers.
  • First to have a technical divemaster certification.
  • First to offer online courses including leadership programs like TDI Divemaster. The online academics and preparation for these programs allow you more “in-water” quality time!
  • First to make certification cards available directly through your participating dive center.

Membership Has its Perks
With Technical Diving International (TDI) you are part of an organization that is making advanced diving more accessible and more fun. Our Intro-to-Tech™ program puts technical diving’s adventure within the reach of a whole new community of dive enthusiasts.

Respectful Service
We grew to be the leader in technical diving by taking care of our instructors and the divers they teach, pure and simple. Our organization was founded on the respect for the value of good education and customer satisfaction. We take that very seriously. If you need help with a lost c-card, a training issue or have a question about our programs, we are only an email or phone call away. During business hours our phones are answered by live customer service representatives, this means you will get answers fast.

The Best Instructors
TDI Instructors are among the best in the industry. Since the very start of the agency, our instructor list has read like a “Who’s Who” of Technical Diving. Today, that elite team of Instructors and Instructor Trainers are pushing the envelope on all seven continents. Learn from the professionals who are diving the dream.

Dive with the Pros
Through our monthly Member’s Newsletter and TDI Newsletter you will learn about some of the most exciting dive destinations in the world. You can then book your exotic dive vacation through your local TDI/SDI facility. These guided trips feature once in a lifetime diving on luxury liveaboards, from the South Pacific to the Arctic. Each trip has a special theme and all are lead by experts in the field.

Take the Lead with Technical Diving International Technical Diving International™ (TDI) has a well developed leadership development program for experienced instructors and technical divers who want to step up to the next level of diving. Make TDI part of your future.

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