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UNRWA review panel quickly sends initial findings to the Secretary-General

The review follows serious allegations regarding the alleged involvement of UNRWA staff in the 7 October attack on Israel by Hamas, which are being investigated by the UN Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS).

The independent review group presented the interim report findings and recommendations to the Secretary-General on Tuesday. 

It has found that UNRWA has in place a significant number of mechanisms and procedures to ensure compliance with the Humanitarian Principle of neutrality, and the group has also identified critical areas that still need to be addressed,” the note said.

The review group will now develop concrete and realistic recommendations on how to address these critical areas to strengthen and improve the agency. 

The Secretary-General will officially receive the interim report later on Wednesday. The final version will be presented on 20 April and will be made public. 

Mr. Guterres appointed the panel in February, in consultation with UNRWA Commissioner-General Philippe Lazzarini. 

It is led by former French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna, working with three research organizations in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. 



  1. Did the review panel find any specific instances of UNRWA staff involvement in the attack by Hamas?

    1. Yes, the review panel did not find any specific instances of UNRWA staff involvement in the attack by Hamas. The interim report highlights that UNRWA has implemented mechanisms to ensure compliance with neutrality principles, but also points out areas needing improvement.

  2. Can you provide more details on the critical areas that the review group identified as needing to be addressed by UNRWA?

    1. Yes, the review group identified several critical areas that need to be addressed by UNRWA, including improving transparency in decision-making processes, enhancing accountability mechanisms for staff conduct, and strengthening communication channels with stakeholders. These recommendations aim to ensure that UNRWA operates with the highest standards of integrity and effectiveness.

  3. Are the recommendations expected to bring significant changes to the way UNRWA operates in the future?

    1. Based on the preliminary findings, it seems that the review group has indeed highlighted critical areas that require attention to improve UNRWA’s operations going forward. It remains to be seen how the agency will implement these recommendations and the extent to which they will impact its future functioning.

  4. As a humanitarian worker myself, I appreciate the thorough investigation being conducted by the UNRWA review panel. It is crucial to ensure that all mechanisms are in place to uphold the principle of neutrality. I look forward to seeing the concrete recommendations for strengthening the agency’s operations. Transparency and accountability are key in situations like these. Kudos to Mr. Guterres for appointing a competent panel to handle this sensitive issue.

  5. It’s crucial that UNRWA takes immediate action to address the identified shortcomings in order to maintain trust and credibility in its operations. The findings of the review group underline the importance of upholding neutrality and ensuring transparency within the organization. Looking forward to seeing the concrete recommendations for improvement.

  6. Did the review panel mention any specific challenges UNRWA faces in maintaining neutrality amidst such serious allegations?

  7. It’s commendable that the review panel wasted no time in sending its initial findings to the Secretary-General. UNRWA must maintain strict compliance with the Humanitarian Principle of neutrality to ensure credibility. Looking forward to seeing the concrete recommendations for improvement.

  8. Do we have any information on the specific critical areas that need to be addressed according to the interim report findings?

  9. Do you think the recommendations from the review panel will lead to significant changes within UNRWA?

  10. Do the initial findings address the specific allegations regarding the UNRWA staff’s involvement in the Hamas attack on Israel, or is the focus more on general compliance procedures?

  11. It’s crucial that UNRWA maintains its neutrality to uphold its mission effectively. The review panel’s swift actions and thorough investigation are commendable. Looking forward to seeing how the agency addresses the identified critical areas to strengthen its operations.

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